Maintaining your investment

Maintaining your investment PEACE OF MIND

Horsebox Servicing

Servicing is a vital consideration in securing and maintaining the investment you have made when you purchased your horsebox. The best advice we can give is to make sure that your servicing needs are handled by qualified, specialist technicians as modern vehicles call for knowledge and tools beyond those available to even the most capable handyman.

As well as vehicle servicing, we are able to also offer you a full habitation service too. 

A Habitation service is like an MOT, but for your living area. It uses a standard checklist to identify problems such as damp, electric, gas, water or ventilation issues and checks the window and door security of your Horsebox.

Very simply, not only does a habitation check provide insight into its condition, it also tells you whether your vehicle is safe to travel and stay in.

We have a dedicated on-site workshop fully equipped to deal with all of your horsebox requirements.

A courtesy car can be provided - subject to availability - but please confirm this at the time of booking. Please note that courtesy cars are subject to a £250 insurance excess and please remember to book early to avoid any disappointment.

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